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ScoutDoc Cloud Features

ScoutDoc Cloud enhances the ScoutDoc app experience by adding a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to archive your ScoutDoc data and reports
  • Sync existing files from your iPad to ScoutDoc Cloud. This enables access from a computer and allows easy file storage, organization and search capability
  • Export scouting data in CSV format (Excel compatible) to enable valuable data analysis and integration with other software resources
  • Share documents with others easily and quickly. Review field and client history from iPad or computer
  • Add your own company logo to reports
  • Create lists of weeds, insects, diseases, growers, fields and farms, in order to prepopulate the ScoutDoc app with this information
Sync Files
Sync your existing files with your ScoutDoc account for easy report exporting, organizing and archiving
Export Files
Export multiple reports in CSV format to perform valuable data analysis
Sort by Multiple Fields
Sort and search by weeds, insects, diseases as well as farmer name, crop and date
Unlimited File Transfers
There is no limit to how many files you transfer between your iPad and ScoutDoc Cloud
User Support
We are here to help if you get stuck. Our FAQ page is a good place to start but if you need to talk to someone, contact us
Software Updates
A few times a year we update ScoutDoc to keep it current with what users want

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